Water in a glass

To drink water or not to drink – that is the question

Water Water everywhere “What! Is it time to drink water again? Why should I drink so much water?” Does this question sound like one your child would ask? It surely does to me. I know of many parents who need to constantly remind children to drink water throughout the day.…

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Puzzles for fun and learning

Puzzles for fun Do you play puzzles for fun? I certainly do. Sometimes I solve them successfully, sometimes I do not. In either case, it is a good exercise for the brain. It is also a good discussion topic with family. It would indeed be a great idea to have…

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A questioning mind is a thinking mind

I have not always had a questioning mind. As a child, I would resist the urge to ask questions more than exercise them. It is only during my adult life as a student and teacher of Science that I have learned to shed inhibitions. Over the last couple of decades,…

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Matters of the heart

Learning from teaching Last week in Biology class, matters of the heart were the main topic of discussion. The structure and function of the human heart, I mean! I teach Biology rarely, once in 2-3 years. Every experience gives me food for thought. During our discussion, I made an erroneous…

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Elephant Toothpaste – The Chemistry

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Elephant Toothpaste experiment I did with my students. A few readers who read that post were curious about how to conduct the experiment and what happens in it. Hence, this follow-up post on the Chemistry behind the experiment. Incidentally, my lesson plan for…

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Chemistry lab table

Elephant Toothpaste – Fun with Science

Expectation Elephant Toothpaste – does it sound absurd? On the contrary, it is quite a popular Science experiment. I have conducted it many times, watched it even more times, and enjoyed every single experience. However, it has been some years since I did this experiment. Last week in my 9th…

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glass of milk

Experiments in the Kitchen

Kitchen is a Science lab My husband is very fond of experimenting, especially conducting experiments in the kitchen. A few days ago, while I was away from home, he got the idea to set home-made ‘curd’ (yogurt, ಮೊಸರು, दही). When I returned home in the evening, I saw a vessel…

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stack of logs

What are the things around us made of?

Out of thin air Have you ever wondered what we are all made of? Many years ago, I attended a seminar in my office. The speaker was a visiting delegate from the USA. His expertise was in K12 education. He had carried a thick wooden log with him to use…

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Making a difference – one child at a time

Human nature inspires us to make a difference throughout our lives. It might be through our work, our relationships, our hobbies, or even the way we live. I know for sure that the cement that holds Team NumberNagar® together is to make a difference in children’s learning experiences. What does…

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building blocks

Discovering my teaching method

What is my method? I have been a teacher for 2 decades now, I have not consciously reflected on my teaching method often. Lately, I have been watching the early seasons of the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. In one episode, a character (a senior surgeon) asks a new resident in…

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