Making a difference – one child at a time

Human nature inspires us to make a difference throughout our lives. It might be through our work, our relationships, our hobbies, or even the way we live.

I know for sure that the cement that holds Team NumberNagar® together is to make a difference in children’s learning experiences. What does it mean to make a difference in a child’s learning experience? Let us read an interesting story.

A story of transformation

Once upon a time, there lived a young sister and brother. Let us call them S and B. They were a dynamic duo – cheerful and active. They did most of their activities together. One summer, their parents brought them to NumberNagar®. S started taking Maths classes there. The classes were interesting, S enjoyed them. A few weeks passed and new concepts were introduced. S found some of the new concepts confusing. She told the teacher that it would be better if they were explained in Kannada. After a few sessions like this, the teacher recommended that S start English classes.

So, S started English classes. B did not want to be left behind and so he joined too. They started attending English sessions together. They learned English via the Phonics method. As the sessions progressed, they learned new things, they taught each other, and they got better at speaking and reading English.

After some months of classes, they have grown so confident in the language that they have surprised themselves, their parents, and their teachers.

Note: The story is slightly exaggerated, the names have been omitted to protect the children’s privacy. The transformation, however, is real.

Learner centric methodology

The story narrated above is a true story of students at NumberNagar®. These two siblings have been with us for almost 2 years now, with many gaps in between due to COVID-19 and other circumstances. However, during the months of their interaction with NumberNagar® facilitators, their transformation is phenomenal.

NumberNagar®s facilitation methodology ensures that this story of transformation can be true for every child. The foundational aspects of our methodology are as follows:

1. A detailed Learner Profile – that includes academic and non-academic insights
2. Individual attention to the child’s specific learning needs
3. Regular and inclusive communication with parents – partnering them in the child’s learning journey
4. Open and safe communication with the child – ensuring child’s well-being
5. Focus on building a strong relationship between facilitator and child
6. Dual guidelines of academic rigour and enjoyable learning experience

By following this methodology consistently and persistently in all interactions with children, our facilitators make a difference. The story of S and B is only one example.

“From asking me to talk mostly in Kannada to summarising a video in complete sentences in English, this child’s journey has been a delight to watch. He speaks so fluently now that I often question myself whether this is the same child I met only a few months ago.”

Aruna – English Facilitator

“They both are story lovers. They would pay rapt attention in all sessions that involved stories. When together, they supported each other in the sessions. But when I focused on their individual strengths and learning styles, I found that they blossomed more.”

Sneha – English Facilitator

Learning Impact

It is human nature to wish to witness the fruits of our labour. For teachers, the child’s transformation is a joy by itself. The icing on the cake, however, is when the parents recognise and appreciate the child’s progress. Listen to the kind words of S and B’s father, who greatly appreciates his children’s learning experience with us.

These testimonials fill us with gratitude and motivate us. This fuels us to continue to make a difference in the lives of all children that cross our paths.

Until next time, continue to stay curious!


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Dr. Soumya Sreehari

Co-Founder and Specialist at NumberNagar®
Dr. Soumya is an Educator and Researcher with a passion for reading, writing and teaching. She holds a PhD in Chemistry (Michigan Technological University, Houghton, USA). Her experience as a student and a teacher in two countries led her to pursue a career in Education. Her core work at NumberNagar® involves quality delivery of product and services at every stage of the customer life cycle. She leads the team that makes this happen. Previously she has taught Chemistry to first year undergraduate students at Michigan Technological University. She is a voracious reader and challenges herself to read 50 books every year.

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