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Elephant Toothpaste – Fun with Science

Expectation Elephant Toothpaste – does it sound absurd? On the contrary, it is quite a popular Science experiment. I have conducted it many times, watched it even more times, and enjoyed every single experience. However, it has been some years since I did this experiment. Last week in my 9th…

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building blocks

Discovering my teaching method

What is my method? I have been a teacher for 2 decades now, I have not consciously reflected on my teaching method often. Lately, I have been watching the early seasons of the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. In one episode, a character (a senior surgeon) asks a new resident in…

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New Year, New Horizons

Reflection on the year gone by As we step into the New Year 2021, we take a reflective look a the year gone by. To say that 2020 was a roller-coaster ride would be the gross understatement of the year. As COVID-19 shook the world all over, we realised the…

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3 Science concepts that help you in traffic

Science concepts I often come across students and parents who complain about the Science and Maths concepts learned in school. They think that learning such concepts is a waste of time and these concepts do not have real-life applications. These comments are usually peppered with doses of righteous indignation. A…

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Learning and life in the middle of a pandemic

Disruption of lives The arrival of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented changes all over the world. Every corner of the world and every individual has been touched in one way or the other. The last 7 months of 2020 have been most challenging, to say the least. The effect of the…

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Clarity of Concepts in School

“I never use the concepts I learned in school” I hear this statement often. In conversations with students, parents, friends, colleagues, public, even in memes. Generally, this statement is accompanied by a critique of the education system. How our education system is teaching us ‘useless concepts’ while it should be…

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