glass of milk

Experiments in the Kitchen

Kitchen is a Science lab My husband is very fond of experimenting, especially conducting experiments in the kitchen. A few days ago, while I was away from home, he got the idea to set home-made ‘curd’ (yogurt, ಮೊಸರು, दही). When I returned home in the evening, I saw a vessel…

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stack of logs

What are the things around us made of?

Out of thin air Have you ever wondered what we are all made of? Many years ago, I attended a seminar in my office. The speaker was a visiting delegate from the USA. His expertise was in K12 education. He had carried a thick wooden log with him to use…

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Ask questions to clear your mind

Cleaning the mind I am usually a contemplative and reflective person. Asking open-ended questions feels therapeutic to my mind. While I am specific and practical with everyday logistical situations, my imagination soars when I need to de-clutter my mind. Recently I finished reading a book – When Things Start to…

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4 ways to cope during a crisis

Crisis arrives with no warning We are almost 8 months into the year 2020. No one could have anticipated the turn of events this year has brought to the world. COVID-19 has disrupted lives everywhere in the world, the magnitude of this devastation is enormous. The secondary and tertiary consequences…

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It is time to think ‘alternative’

Lock-down as a trigger The lock-down and quarantined existence over the last few months has given us opportunities to re-evaluate our habits and life choices. I have been continuously reflecting and introspecting. I have re-evaluated many things – my daily routine, my work schedule, my eating habits, my socialising activities,…

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Student-Centric Education – is it just a myth?

Reflection As we continue to be in a suspended state of existence with small windows of social activity, I continue my contemplation on the state of education. I found something I had written a few years ago, which I thought is worth pondering. The term “student-centric education” is the most…

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