Making a difference – one child at a time

Human nature inspires us to make a difference throughout our lives. It might be through our work, our relationships, our hobbies, or even the way we live. I know for sure that the cement that holds Team NumberNagar® together is to make a difference in children’s learning experiences. What does…

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Hard and Soft Sounds

Spelling Rules Have you ever thought that English spelling rules are confusing? I surely have! The correlation between letters and sounds is not straightforward. A single letter can make many sounds. A single sound can be made by many letters or combinations of letters. This makes learning spellings a bit…

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Learning English Spellings through Phonics

English spellings can be confusing to learn. Given that English has a non-ideal phonemic orthography, the pronunciation and the spelling do not have a one-to-one relation also. Why are put and cut pronounced differently, even though they have the same vowel? This is one of the few common questions that…

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3 reasons why you should learn English through Phonics

Learn English with Phonics When a strong foundation of basic concepts is laid at a young age, complex concepts can be learned effectively. Our team’s experience at NumberNagar® tells us that this is possible when we learn English through Phonics. When I was in primary and pre-primary school, English learning…

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The Sounds of ‘S’

What sound comes to your mind when you think of the letter ‘s’? Is it the hissing sound ‘ssssssssss’? You would be right. The hissing sound ‘ssss’ is the default sound of the letter ‘s’. However, did you know that the letter ‘s’ also makes 3 other sounds? It sure…

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‘Read’ a sound

Guide to sounds Have you wondered how to ‘read’ a sound? In an earlier article, we learned how the English language deviates from ideal phonemic orthography. Nevertheless, the letter-sound correlation is a key aspect of mastering the language. A letter is a written representation – also known as grapheme. A…

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How many sounds does the letter ‘a’ make?

Letters and sounds My earliest memory of learning the English alphabet for the first time is the song – a b c d, e f g… h i j k, l m n o p… l m n o p q, r s t… u v w, x y z.…

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Phonics learning is fun

Learning Phonics in the creation process The last few months at NumberNagar® have been greatly filled with Phonics learning. The Research, Design, and Development team has been working incessantly. We have put together the Phonics Kit and companion course and it is now available to buy on our website. Although…

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What is the most valuable gift you have given your child?

Observation and learning As the mother of a 7-year-old, I keep observing and learning new things. Ever since I became a mother, every day I re-learn something or the other. Some weeks ago, my daughter was riding her cycle and playing with her friends. My next-door neighbour’s kid does not…

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