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Making new words

Have you ever wondered about building vocabulary by making new words? It is indeed an interesting method. In an earlier article, we spoke about building vocabulary through word families. In the early stages of learning, word families provide an excellent method to build a vocabulary quickly. As learners progress, they will have built a substantial vocabulary of simple words through word families.

When concepts of Grammar get introduced, making new words offers a fresh perspective to building vocabulary. In this direction, compound words are a delight to learn.

Compound word:  

What is a compound word?  
When two small words are combined to form a new word with a new meaning, the new word is called a compound word.  

Examples: back + pack = backpack, butter + fly = butterfly  

Let us look at a few more examples:


Compound word example 1


Compound word example 2


Compound word example 3

Play and learn

When this process of making new words is introduced in the form of play, learning becomes engaging. Children learn better and retain their learning longer when games and play are part of their learning experience. Not only children, adults too.

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Let us play a game now. How many compound words can you make using the word given below? Go ahead. Give it a try.


Did you get at least 3? Tell us in the comments section.

Playing games together as a family is a sure shot way to make learning enjoyable for children. Now you have a new game to play.

Until next time, continue to stay curious!


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