2 English spelling rules that you did not know existed

Spelling is confusing Learning English spelling is not straightforward. It is confusing to learn and remember all the spelling rules. After spending many years with the English language as a student and professional, I use the language intuitively. If you ask me to explain a spelling rule, I will have…

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Making a difference – one child at a time

Human nature inspires us to make a difference throughout our lives. It might be through our work, our relationships, our hobbies, or even the way we live. I know for sure that the cement that holds Team NumberNagar® together is to make a difference in children’s learning experiences. What does…

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Hard and Soft Sounds

Spelling Rules Have you ever thought that English spelling rules are confusing? I surely have! The correlation between letters and sounds is not straightforward. A single letter can make many sounds. A single sound can be made by many letters or combinations of letters. This makes learning spellings a bit…

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Discovering my teaching method

What is my method? I have been a teacher for 2 decades now, I have not consciously reflected on my teaching method often. Lately, I have been watching the early seasons of the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. In one episode, a character (a senior surgeon) asks a new resident in…

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New Year, New Horizons

Reflection on the year gone by As we step into the New Year 2021, we take a reflective look a the year gone by. To say that 2020 was a roller-coaster ride would be the gross understatement of the year. As COVID-19 shook the world all over, we realised the…

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Learning English Spellings through Phonics

English spellings can be confusing to learn. Given that English has a non-ideal phonemic orthography, the pronunciation and the spelling do not have a one-to-one relation also. Why are put and cut pronounced differently, even though they have the same vowel? This is one of the few common questions that…

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2 Concepts of Chemistry in Cooking

When we think about applications of Science in everyday life, Chemistry in cooking emerges as a natural extension. Cooking is one of the exhaustive applications of Chemistry in our everyday lives. When I was in college, Physical Chemistry was a hard nut to crack for me, especially Thermodynamics. I struggled…

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3 reasons why you should learn English through Phonics

Learn English with Phonics When a strong foundation of basic concepts is laid at a young age, complex concepts can be learned effectively. Our team’s experience at NumberNagar® tells us that this is possible when we learn English through Phonics. When I was in primary and pre-primary school, English learning…

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3 Science concepts that help you in traffic

Science concepts I often come across students and parents who complain about the Science and Maths concepts learned in school. They think that learning such concepts is a waste of time and these concepts do not have real-life applications. These comments are usually peppered with doses of righteous indignation. A…

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The Sounds of ‘S’

What sound comes to your mind when you think of the letter ‘s’? Is it the hissing sound ‘ssssssssss’? You would be right. The hissing sound ‘ssss’ is the default sound of the letter ‘s’. However, did you know that the letter ‘s’ also makes 3 other sounds? It sure…

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