A booster shot to both learning and teaching

Although it was usual in the 90s for a teacher to use chalk and a blackboard to teach students, the new wave of EdTech is here to stay. With rapidly growing digital disruptions, AI could certainly change the role of teachers in near future. 

Teaching is an exciting adventure where both the teacher and the students participate. A great teacher always keeps an open mind about how to best engage their students and get them excited about learning. One can achieve this in a wide variety of ways, either by being more approachable or spending time with the student or engaging them in activities.

Diversity in the classroom does not just refer to cultural diversity but also refers to diversity in abilities, knowledge, and needs. In emerging markets, the digital transformation of education is gaining a momentum. In an ideal world, teachers and artificial intelligence (AI) will create an immersive learning experience for all.

Let’s take a quick look at how AI will act as a booster shot:

1.  AI could help teachers keep up with a constantly changing curriculum.

2.  AI would relieve teachers of the tedious tasks, like grading papers to focus more on their students and provide the human angle to the understanding.

3.  AI could discover the perfect learning environment for a specific individual’s needs by continually monitoring and analysing the student’s educational data and performance.

4.  AI systems could be programmed to identify critical insights about individual students based on their strengths and challenges enabling teachers to provide them with customised feedback.

5.  Teachers may not always be aware of gaps in their lectures and educational materials that can leave students confused about certain concepts. AI, in such instances, could point out places where the courses and the delivery need to improve.

6.  One of the most significant advantages of educational AI is the chance to create a global classroom, making education available to people who might otherwise be unable to attend school.


To succeed in a rapidly changing digital learning world, teachers need to streamline and improve their teaching process by use of technology like AI and AR.

(Image credits – Pragyan Parimita Barik)

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Pragyan Parimita Barik

Pragyan Parimita Barik

A news junkie, Parimita is an education technology writer and has been intricately associated with writing a range of topics including education, new edge learning, Artificial Intelligence, and disruptive technologies. She’s obsessed with how tech empowers people from all walks of life. She expresses herself best through photography.

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