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At NumberNagar®, we strongly advocate learning it right the first time. This is especially true with basic concepts in subjects and language. When we learn basic concepts right the first time, we open ourselves to learning-related and complex concepts easily. Learning English through the Phonics method ensures great conceptual clarity.

Benefits of Phonics

  • Learning through Phonics enhances phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify, and match letters and symbols to their appropriate sounds
  • Phonemic awareness develops the ability to identify and learn new words quickly. This, in turn, builds vocabulary.
  • A good vocabulary develops an interest in reading and enhances reading ability and comprehension
  • An enjoyable reading habit makes language learning engaging and builds a strong foundation to learn other subjects
  • Learning via Phonics instills the discipline of rigorous practice
  • If started at an early age, Phonics learning is a great investment not only for learning English but also for academic performance

NumberNagar® Research

Over the last few years, the Research, Design, and Development team has worked with many children from the age of 3 years to 14 years. We observed two specific user scenarios.

  • One – Children who are in the early stages of learning English – in preschool or kindergarten
  • Two – Children who have progressed to higher grades and are struggling with English

With both these scenarios, learning via the Phonics method showed a phenomenal impact. In scenario one, children could grasp the basic concepts and progressively build their understanding.

Scenario two – Phonics helped the students understand their specific difficulties. The Phonics learning programme was planned in small manageable increments. As they progressed with each lesson, they achieved a specific milestone. Some lessons were easy, and some were difficult. This process helped both the student and the teacher to address specific learning needs with great focus. Individual attention and learning at their own pace added greatly to the learning impact on students.

In this journey, I have learned a lot about my own limitations in English. Although I consider myself a proficient English speaker and writer, there have been multiple concepts absolutely new to me. It has been a hugely humbling experience. I wrote about some quirks of English earlier in this article.

I did not know the existence of the Schwa sound at all. I have practised it relentlessly for months and I still falter.

NumberNagar® Phonics Kit

Using our own experience with Phonics teaching and learning, we created the NumberNagar® Phonics Kit. This kit is a collection of multi-sensory learning materials that enable the learner to learn English and emerge as confident readers. The key focus areas are pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills.

The learning content is organised into 6 levels. It starts from letters of the alphabet and their basic sounds in level 1. Gradually, there is progress into complex sounds, combinations of sounds, spellings, and spelling variations. The learning method follows the path of sound to words to sentences. The content covers 50+ sounds, 100+ word families, and 2000+ words.

NumberNagar® commitment

In the current crisis scenario, the EdTech industry has turned into an advocate of technological devices and platforms as the ultimate solution for education. Unfortunately, this mindset is more conducive for better valuation and burgeoning sales for the companies and nothing else. It does not seem that the cognitive health of the child makes an appearance in these scenarios. If it did, I do not see how anyone could aggressively promote a digital-only learning platform for a 2 or 3 year old toddler.

The core purpose of NumberNagar® is to create meaningful learning experiences for children. We believe that the Phonics kit and learning experience will add great value in this direction. One of our core values is well being. The nature of the kit is multi-sensory. Flash cards of various kinds enable a tactile learning experience. The design has engaging visual elements to trigger curiosity, appeal to multiple intelligence, and enhance understanding. The reading and colouring books are used to allow imagination and creativity to thrive. The learning methodology is self-paced and practice-based which combines rigour and fun. The online companion course provides the necessary audio files to learn the correct sounds. The integration of technology is a seamless and necessary part of the learning experience.

Through the Phonics kit, we have also pledged to contribute towards the cause of educating the girl child.

Rs. 15/- from every sale of the Phonics Kit will fund the cause of ‘Educate the Girl Child’

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Dr. Soumya Sreehari

Co-Founder and Specialist at NumberNagar®
Dr. Soumya is an Educator and Researcher with a passion for reading, writing and teaching. She holds a PhD in Chemistry (Michigan Technological University, Houghton, USA). Her experience as a student and a teacher in two countries led her to pursue a career in Education. Her core work at NumberNagar® involves quality delivery of product and services at every stage of the customer life cycle. She leads the team that makes this happen. Previously she has taught Chemistry to first year undergraduate students at Michigan Technological University. She is a voracious reader and challenges herself to read 50 books every year.

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