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What is the most valuable gift you have given your child?

Observation and learning

As the mother of a 7-year-old, I keep observing and learning new things. Ever since I became a mother, every day I re-learn something or the other.

Some weeks ago, my daughter was riding her cycle and playing with her friends. My next-door neighbour’s kid does not have a cycle. She wanted to ride my daughter’s cycle and my daughter agreed. This happened for 3 or 4 days and my neighbour’s kid liked it very much. This also became a habit. Now she wanted to ride my daughter’s cycle during the entire play time.

The neighbours watched this and they asked me for details of the cycle – where I bought it, how much did it cost, etc. TADA!!! Within a week, my neighbours had gifted their kid a brand-new cycle. The kid was delighted and so were the parents. Now my daughter and the neighbour’s kid ride their own cycles. They have become competent riders.

A gift of value

Last week, I found out that NumberNagar® launched the Phonics Kit for online purchase. I got one for my daughter. My daughter has been at NumberNagar® before and she likes the place a lot. She has been asking me when we can go back, ever since the lockdown. Needless to say, she was thrilled with the Phonics Kit. She has been enjoying reading and learning from the kit ever since it arrived at our home.

Remembering the earlier cycle experience, I approached my neighbour to share my enthusiasm about the Phonics Kit. I messaged her the details of the kit – features, benefits, price etc. After some time, the parent reluctantly replied saying that her kid does not require it now.

This reply made me wonder. Why was the parent who was so excited about buying the cycle showing a cold response to the Phonics Kit? In my mind, they both are equally important.

Parents are more willing to get their children the same toys that their friends have. Why not follow the same practice for learning and education? Why this indifference about an educational experience?


I could not get this thought out of my mind. What is the most expensive gift I have given my child?

  • Barbie doll of Rs. 3,000/-?
  • Brand new gear cycle of Rs. 4,000/-?
  • Kitchen set of Rs. 2,000/-?
  • Hot wheel cars of Rs. 2,000/-?

Then a thought entered my mind, reminding me of an advertisement campaign of Mastercard in the late 1990s.

  • NumberNagar® Phonics Kit – Rs. 2,999/-
  • A meaningful learning experience – Priceless!

I agree that every child has the right to play with all the toys that they have, it is part of their childhood. My daughter has loads of toys. The thing with toys is that children have a short span of attention for them. They play with them for a couple of weeks and it is back in the bag with all other toys.

Occasionally, we get an opportunity to gift our children something that will last longer. A learning experience that is educational and enjoyable. Education stays with them all their lives, even when we are not around to support them. Communication skill is the most important of all life skills. I am glad that I gifted my daughter a valuable English learning experience. I believe this will equip her well for her future.

Learning as a professional

During my career as a soft skills trainer at Timespro, I came across many students whose dreams were to pursue a career in the banking sector. They struggled to get past the interview stage because of their poor communication skills. Their examination marks in 10th, 12th, and graduate courses were all good. Due to the lack of refined communication skills, they could not perform well in interviews and get their dream jobs.

I think this should not happen to our children. Let us give them the most valuable gift – meaningful education from a tender age. I know that many parents do gift good education to their children by enrolling them in prestigious schools and tuition classes. But unless the child becomes an independent learner, all this investment by the parents will not add any value.

NumberNagar® Phonics Kit

The NumberNagar® Phonics Kit is the result of extensive research. It is most suitable for children between 3 and 8 years. But it also caters to the needs of adults who want to improve their vocabulary, spelling, and overall communication skills. Anyone can learn from the kit – college students, teachers, housewives, working professionals, software engineers, managers, businessmen, doctors, the list goes on.The Phonics kit includes a variety of learning materials to learn the fundamentals of Phonics.

I hope that by now you are already motivated to buy the Phonics Kit. If not, I urge all parents and readers to gift a Phonics Kit to a child in your family.

So, what are you waiting for! Order the most valuable gift for your child today!

Vasundara B N

Happy Parent using the Phonics Kit

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