NumberNagar Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Please take this quiz for assessing your multiple intelligence. Logical-Mathematical, Verbal-Linguistic, Visual-Spatial, Body-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Naturalist, and Musical.

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1. My favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science. *
2. I can confidently express myself either orally or in writing. *
3. I play with colours and patterns, and can design new things. *
4. I take part in sports and regularly perform some kind of physical exercise. *
5. I can be part of a group and can work towards a common goal. *
6. I enjoy gardening. *
7. I can play a musical instrument *
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Nishant Krishna

Nishant Krishna

Head of Technology and Chief Architect at NumberNagar
Nishant is an Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Innovator and Inventor with 18+ years of experience working on EdTech, Cloud, and Virtualization, Software-Defined Network (SDN), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Machine Learning, security compliance, API Development, and Network Management Systems (NMS). He is the co-founder of “Tech Machinery and More Pvt. Ltd.” and Head of Technology at NumberNagar. He also works on few architectural consultancy projects in Cloud, Security, UX, IoT, and Machine Learning, with IEEE. Nishant has 4 patents granted and 7 patents filed/pending with US Patent Office and India Patent Office in the areas of Network Management Systems, Cloud, Virtualization, SDN Technologies, Security, and Anti-Counterfeiting technologies. He participates actively in User Experience (UX) and Wireframing related activities. His areas of interest include Cloud and Virtualization, Machine Learning, IoT, UX, User Interfaces, Network Security, Ethical Hacking, Cryptography, Anti-Counterfeiting technologies, public speaking and latest tech and gadgets. He is an active member and contributor to numerous technical meetups. He is also a contributor to IEEE conferences and IEEE standards (P1931.1, P1451-99), and member of subcommittees and working groups working on defining standards for IoT and Smart Cities. He has a Master of Science (MS) in Software Engineering degree from BITS, Pilani, along with many technical certifications.