My dream school

“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I have a dream:

Every one of you might have a dream. I have one too and I thought of sharing that with you all today. This dream started the day I became an entrepreneur through NumberNagar®. This dream is of a school without rooms, without books, without teachers. This is a school of natural philosophy. This is an imaginary school that treats everyone as a student. Therefore, it is driven by exploration and discussions, not by curriculum and syllabus.

The fantasy:

This is a school where there are open spaces which will allow every learner to explore their own interests. This is a space that gives learners an enriching experience that leads to new learnings and fresh perspectives of life. In this school, everyone contributes towards the functioning of the school in their own way. Also, the school doesn’t have a starting and ending time. It is always open for all and it is self-sustained.

This school doesn’t have a principal or peon, everyone is here to learn from nature and from each other. This will enhance their understanding of life and the meaning of social well-being. It is an entire society of individuals who are working towards intellectual growth. This in turn enhances their contribution to society. This will lead to enhanced contribution to the country and therefore the world.

This school is everywhere, around us and within us, a school that shares all its resources without discrimination and reservations. This school will redefine the purpose of existence and the meaning of life. The school will allow everyone to be part of growth and allow everyone to grow in their fields of interest. This school will eliminate mindless competition and repurpose every thought towards contribution.

The student of this school will not look up to one person for inspiration. They will look at everyone with a sense of awe, for what they bring to the social structure. This school will not categorise a learner as a professional or a beginner. It will cater to every individual’s interest levels with new challenges. This school will eliminate the existing pseudo sense of superiority of one individual over another. It will treat everyone with a sense of respect and provide opportunity for everyone to freely follow their dreams.

Parting words:

This is not just a school I am dreaming of; it is the society I want to live in. It is the country that I want to build for the future. I wish for a world where everyone appreciates the value of people and experiences, not only measure them by their utility. As I get older and wiser, I am losing patience with the atrocities of social inequality and crazy expectations of everyone around. Happiness will not be long-lasting in anyone if the social structure is not conducive to a sense of sharing and belonging with fellow humans.

What do you think of this dream? Please share your thoughts.

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Sriraghavan S M

Sriraghavan (Raghu) is an Astronomer by qualification (MSc, Astronomy, Bangalore University) and a teacher by passion. He is a trained counsellor and psychotherapist. His firm belief and conviction to transform the education system in India led him to be an entrepreneur through NumberNagar®. His core work at NumberNagar® revolves around product presentations, academic content, and training. He teaches Maths and Science to young students, rubbing off his passion to them. He trains teachers as well, inspiring them to better themselves. He has taught Physics in educational institutes, during his early career days. He has travelled extensively all over Karnataka, training teachers and popularising Astronomy. He advocates multiple intelligence and is constantly on the lookout for new things to learn. He is ambidextrous and enjoys sketching. He was an avid cricket player in his younger days. He is an enthusiastic biker and uses long solo motorcycle rides as means of reflection and rejuvenation.

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8 Replies to “My dream school”

  1. Beautiful thought… though a distant dream, definitely not impossible…I’d love to rewind back to my childhood to go to such a school….

  2. Wow , a very beautiful and thoughtful blog ,
    Every moment we live in , is a learning experience and the nature is a teacher !

  3. Great read. Especially loved these lines:
    ‘This school will eliminate the existing pseudo sense of superiority of one individual over another. It will treat everyone with a sense of respect and provide opportunity for everyone to freely follow their dreams.’

  4. Its good and very true. Learning is an never ending process in life. As u said rightly learning should not have boundaries and binded by people, it should grow like nature and should be by natural.

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